Being unhappy at work sucks. And a great deal of workplace happiness is driven by two things: how interesting is the work, and how much time and energy it requires of you. And over many years of managing, mentoring, and staying tuned in to my own level of satisfaction, I’ve used this simple 2x2 matrix to help understand where someone is, and what needs to change.

  • CHOMPIN’ — Folks in this quadrant are really interested and engaged, but are not very busy. They are “chomping at the bit” to work and see their ideas and passions become reality. For these…

A few weeks ago I left Epsilon, the company where I have worked for over a decade. Such an occasion is cause for introspection. And for a closet analytics geek who somewhat obsessively maintains calendar archives, introspection means doing some math.

Here are a few highlights of my ten years, and what I learned:

  • 19,189 meetings — Shorter is better. Your time is literally your life, spend it wisely. But that doesn’t mean spend it selfishly. Time and attention are perhaps the greatest gift one person can give another.
  • 605 meetings with clients — I wish I had done even…

Convince, Conquer, Coexist, or Collaborate?

We disagree. This is neither surprising nor unprecedented. As long as there have been humans, there have been humans who differ in how they see the world, or even their view of right and wrong. And while the latest iteration of our society may not have invented disagreement, it does feel like perhaps we have perfected it. Disagreement has become a national reflex. Even seemingly innocuous events and news stories must now be viewed through the lens of each person’s particular political tribe, and thereby become flash points for disagreement.

But disagreeing does not need…

As of January 15, over 100 people have been arrested on charges related to the storming of the U.S. Capitol building, and another 100 or so are under investigation. And while bringing justice to those who broke with law is an urgent and important priority, there is a bigger concern.

We need to figure out just what these people were thinking.

What would drive someone to destroy government property, threaten elected officials, and disrupt the process of naming a president? …

Reaping the Whirlwind: The Storming of Capitol Hill Was Not an Aberration, It Was a Culmination

As I watched the events of yesterday, this line from ancient Hebrew teacher Hosea kept going through my mind.: “Because they sow the wind, they will get the whirlwind…”

The whirlwind of violence and terror we saw at the capital are what grows from tiny seeds of hate and mistrust sown over many years. We have given ourselves permission to demonize and marginalize people who disagree with us, in a thousand little comments and jokes and insults. …

Google’s ‘Loretta’ super Bowl ad had millions of people reaching for tissues and marveling at a new way technology can make our lives better. An elderly man, let’s call him George, is coping with memory loss and asks Google ot help him remember things about his wife. ‘Remember Loretta loved going to Alaska.’ ‘Remember Loretta loved scallops.’ Then, after his conversation with Google, we (and presumably George’s connected device) hear him take his dog outside.

Through this brief exchange, Google learned a lot about George.

  • He was married but his wife is likely passed
  • He likes visiting Alaska
  • He…

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